Funding Today’s Medical Research For A Better Tomorrow


C3 tokens are a medical development funding source based on the use of a crypto-currency, i.e. a digital currency, which uses encryption techniques to regulate units of currency and transfer of funds independent of a central bank. Initially C3 will be financed using a crowdfunding platform  through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).  Unlike many of its predecessors, C3 will avoid common crypto-currency by giving careful consideration to the following:

1. Security – formatted on an established and secure blockchain, Ethereum, the use of multiple secondary access protocols and continued analysis of website activity.

2. Transparency – thorough identification of company and individual token buyers as well as full public disclosures of all currency activity.

3. Validity – public disclosure of participating organizations, individual researcher’s publications and client reviews.

Succeeding in today’s crypto-currency marketplace will rely heavily on providing investors with peace of mind.  This can be achieved by diligent self regulation as well as complying with current SEC guidelines which did not formerly exist.  In addition it should be noted that current guidelines call for at least 50% of the coins be distributed among the public…C3 will have over 70% of the coins created in circulation.  The result will be a self sustaining currency that the public can feel comfortable investing in.